Ethics Case (Bhopal- Union Carbide)

Kelompok 9
Nama Kelompok:

  1. Hastyn Haula Ulfah (23212361)
  2. Nurul Irmawati  (25212540)
  3. Tifani Ikeriyanti  (27212380)

Kelas: 4EB10


  1. What are the ethical issues raised by this case ?
    Answer: Anderson, who has been in jail for a second by the government of india on suspicion of “negligence and responsibility of the criminal corporation”, has devote all your attention to the problem company announcements included full details negotations with officials at the government of india : they have been rejected as not adequate of about $200 million as compensation for the death of someone you $2,000 and injured over 200,000 people another, caused in december 1984 by a poisonous gas leak menthyl isocyanate from a plant pesticide union carbine located in Bhopal, India. The analyst estimates the company will forced into bankruptcy. Ironically, the states  garbide the factory in bhopal has been losing money for a few years and Anderson considered hanging up.
  2. Did the legal doctrine of “limited liability” apply to protect the shareholders of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.) ?
    Answer: In effect. But before this tragedy, the company India has done worse. In an effort to contain the loss annual for $4 million of crops manager unfortunate local company has intiated cost some programs the cuts.
  3. Were the Indian operations, which were being overseen by the managers of Union Carbide Corporation (U.S.), in compliance with legal or moral or ethical standards?
    Answer:  No, the amount of operator equipment on every shift has diminished 12-5, moral and a lot of dropped the operators best to stop and replaced with workers education under the required by manual of the company. The manager of the united STATES has considered failed to shut down the plant years earlier, but the city offials India and the country has asked for that the company remains open to keep the work of thousands of workers in factories and industry local independent.
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