• Statement
  1. 1.      He said : “I’m a student.

He said (that) he was a student.

2.   She said : “I live in Bandung.”

She said (that) she lived in Bandung.

3.   Ali said : “This letter is not for me.”

Ali said (that) that letter was not for him.

4.   The students said : “We don’t like our new teacher.”

The students said (that) they didn’t like their new teacher.

5.   Linda said : “Your brother isn’t here today.”

Linda said (that) my brother wasn’t there that day.


  • Yes-No Questions

1.   He asked me :”Are you a student?”

He asked me whether I was a student.

2.   She asked me :”Do you live in Bandung?’

She asked me whether I lived in Bandung.

3.   He asked me : “What is your name?

He asked what my name was.

4.   She asked me : ” Where do you live?”

She asked me where I lived.

5.   Ahmad asked me : “What time is it?”

Ahmad asked me what time it was.

6.   Tono asked me : “How old is your son?”

Tono asked me how old my son was.


  • Command

1.   He said : “Open the door!”

He told me to open the door.

2.   She said : “Don’t touch this button!”

She warned me not to touch that button.

3.   Our teacher said : “Be yourself!

Our teacher told us to be ourself.

4.   Udin said : “Don’t be stupid.”

Udin told me not to be stupid.

5.   Linda asked John : “Merry me please.”

Linda begged John to marry her.

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